Sunday, March 26, 2017

Different type of diamonds

There are more diamond cuts and types ready for you to fall in love with

Different type of diamonds

In the diamond industry the round cut diamond is one the type of diamond that gets sold the most. Yet, diamond cuts as princess cut, cushion cut or emeralds cut are making its way in popularity. Go out of your comfort zone and get to know more sparkling types of diamonds that will make you fall in love.

The types of diamonds by names of diamonds

Every diamond has its name by its cut, yet other diamonds have gained a name due to rarity. Such as these rare blue diamonds called, the Oppenheimer Blue, Blue Moon of Josephine or the Cullinan Dream. But to get to know each of all rare diamonds with its own name, this article would be too long. So let's keep this paragraph by types of diamond cuts by its diamond shaped name.

The most popular diamond names in the industry are:

The princess cut diamonds
The cushion cut diamonds
The oval cut diamonds
The pear cut diamonds
The round cut diamonds
The Asscher cut diamonds
The marquise cut diamonds
The radiant cut diamonds
The heart cut diamonds
The trillion cut diamonds
The emerald cut diamonds
Type of Diamonds Shapes

While these diamonds are the most popular in the industry there are more diamond names to be discovered. Such as the baguette cut diamond, square cut diamond, tapered cut diamond or rose cut diamond.

● The types of diamonds by the popular diamond colors

Next to the different types of diamonds by cut there are diamond color types to discover. Because everyone knows the colorless diamonds, but did you know there were color mint diamonds?

Meet some of the popular diamond colors on the market:
Yellow diamond
Blue diamond
Red diamond
Pink diamond
Orange diamond
Green diamond
Black diamond
Purple diamond
Olive green diamond
Brown diamond
Grey diamond

However, next to these diamond colors there are so much more to be discovered such as, chocolate, lilac, chameleon, amber, raspberry or pumpkin. Have a look in the Langerman selection of natural color diamonds and find your colored diamond.

Type of Diamonds Color Chart

Note, that colored diamonds are graded by its hue, saturation, tone and distribution. Plus colored diamonds with one color are more valuable than mixed colored diamonds.

● The types of diamonds by the diamond quality

The group types of diamonds are also categorised by looking at the diamond quality. The GIA diamond grading scale, Gemological institute of America developed the 4Cs to easily divide the diamonds by its quality of color, carat, clarity and cut.

Type of Diamonds GIA Color Grading Scale

Type of Diamonds Grade Quality

However, next to the generally known quality measurement used to grade the 4Cs a diamond can be classified type IIa. This means the diamond belongs to the small group of diamond types that contain no or very little nitrogen atoms in the crystal structure. Resulting in the type of diamond that is the most valued and purest type of diamond.

Hopefully you have discovered one or more types of diamonds to fall in love with. If not, have a look to those fancy colored diamonds again! There must be one colored diamond in that group that can make you heart beat faster!