Sunday, March 26, 2017

Classifying Gemstones

A number of gemstones have gained fame, either because of their size and beauty or because of the people who owned or wore them. A list of famous gemstones follows.

Smithsonian museums' Alexandrite, the largest cut alexandrite weighing 65.08 carats.
A birthstone.

The Dom Pedro - The world's largest cut and polished aquamarine. Housed in the permanent collection of the Houston Museum of Natural Science
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Bahia Emerald[1]
Carolina Emperor,[2][3] 310 carats uncut, 64.8 carats cut; discovered in the United States in 2009, resides in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh
Chalk Emerald
Duke of Devonshire Emerald
Emerald of Saint Louis,[4] 51.60 carats cut; discovered in Austria, probably Habachtal, resides in the National Museum of Natural History, Paris
Gachalá Emerald[5]
Mogul Mughal Emerald
Patricia Emerald,[6] 632 carats uncut, dihexagonal (12 sided); discovered in Colombia in 1920, resides in the American Museum of Natural History, New York
The Andamooka Opal, presented to Queen Elizabeth II, also known as the Queen's Opal
The Aurora Australis Opal, considered to be the most valuable black opal
The Black Prince Opal, originally known as Harlequin Prince
The Empress of Australia Opal
The Fire Queen Opal
The Flame Queen Opal
The Flamingo Opal
The Halley's Comet Opal, the world's largest uncut black opal
The Jupiter Five Opal
The Olympic Australis Opal, reported to be the largest and most valuable gem opal ever found
The Pride of Australia Opal, also known as the Red Emperor Opal
The Red Admiral Opal, also known as the Butterfly Stone
Arco Valley Pearl
La Peregrina
Satlada – A seven-stringed pearl necklace of the Nizams. Most pearls are white but can be other colors as well.
The Pearl of Lao Tzu - Philippines
The Pearl of Puerto - Largest pearl
The DeLong Star Ruby
The Hixon Ruby Crystal
The Midnight Star Ruby
The Neelanjali Ruby
The Rajaratna Ruby
The Rosser Reeves Ruby
The Logan sapphire
The Queen Marie of Romania Sapphire
The Ruspoli Sapphire
The Star of Asia Star Sapphire
The Star of Bombay, given to Mary Pickford by Douglas Fairbanks, Sr
The Star of India
The Stuart Sapphire
The Black Star of Queensland
The The Star of Adam, with a weight of 1,404.49 carats (280.898 g) The largest star sapphire in the world.
The Black Prince's Ruby, actually a spinel mounted on the Imperial State Crown
The Samarian Spinel, the world's largest spinel
The Timur Ruby, believed to be a ruby until 1851, hence its name
The American Golden Topaz, the largest cut yellow topaz, weighing nearly 23000 carats (4.6 kg).
The Chalmers Topaz, a 5,899.5-carat (1.17990 kg) cut topaz.